Payment Methods has 4 payment methods

a) Bank Transfer

Eurobank IBAN: GR2402601360000150201201077

Alpha Bank IBAN: GR4101407900790002330009173

National Bank of Greece IBAN: GR1501102580000025800913839

Peiraiws Bank IBAN: GR9101714530006453147182674

Pagkritia Bank IBAN: IBAN: GR8408700340000300003421043 


b) cash on delivery for courier shipments (up to €500 based on Law 4172/2013)

c) via Paypal (charged with 2%)

d) online via credit card (no charge)

Online payment by credit card is made through the "Secure Socket Layer" security system that ensures the encryption of your bank details during their transmission over the network.

All payments made on are checked and evaluated by Eurobank EFG. For all your transactions on our Website, you are insured by Eurobank EFG.

If Eurobank EFG considers that there is a risk and refuses to guarantee the security of a transaction, we are able to refuse to process your order. For payment by bank transfer, the transfer should be deposited in a bank within 2 days from the date of registration of the order.

Beyond this limit, the order will be cancelled. Estimate around 1-3 days from the moment of deposit for the bank transfer to reach The amount of the bank commission is borne by the Customer. The necessary bank details of the account to which you should make your transfer are known upon completion of your order.